Chitral: Two girls commit suicide in within 3 days

Girls Commit Suicide

CHITRAL – A girl committed suicide in the Mulkhao area of Chitral by shooting herself with gun police said. Police said Faseeha,  of Gohkeer village who was a student of the ninth class, had gone to the house of her sister in Morder village where she committed suicide due to unknown reasons. Police have started an investigation into the incident.

The body of the girl was handed over to heirs for burial after post mortem at Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Booni. It is the second incident of suicide by girls in Chitral in three days. On October 01, a young girl ended her life by jumping into Chitral River in Jonali Koch area which is situated near Booni.

Police said the body of the girl was retrieved from the river and was handed over to heirs after post mortem at Booni Hospital. The deceased girl, Rasheeda, daughter of Syed Bacha was stated to be a double Master’s degree holder, but she was suffering from stress-related illness.

On September 15, an eighth-grade student, Nargis, ended her life by strangulated herself in Ayun village. According to police, Nargis was the only girl child of her parents and her father was in Saudi Arabia. The girl took the extreme step after a trivial verbal clash at home. Nargis fought with her brother as he refused to give his mobile phone to her. Her mother also took the side of her son and told Nargis that she has nothing to do with a mobile phone. When her mother went to the house of neighbors, she committed suicide.

On September 18, a girl died under mysterious circumstances in Ayun. The family members said it was a natural death, but police insisted on post mortem to ascertain the facts. The girl’s parents said she died after fainting at her house, but sources said some wounds were noticed on her neck and face. The father of the said girl is also in Saudi Arabia for work. Police are conducting an investigation into the matter.

Social circles in Chitral have expressed grave concern over increasing incidents of suicides, particularly among girls, but the government hasn’t taken any considerable step to stop this trend. There is not even a single psychiatrist in any government hospital in Chitral. People of the area say a thorough investigation and research is needed on the issue to stop this alarming trend of suicides.

Last year when an increasing number of women suicide on high ratio district administration and provincial government deputed Dr. Khalid Mufti psychiatrist who held a one-day free medical camp at Town Hall Chitral but most of the people were not aware of his arrival.

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