DG ISPR tells Senate committee ‘No direct role of army in July 25 elections,’

Major General Ghafoor then elaborated the election duty assigned to army personnel, saying: “The armed forces have always lent support to civil institutions. The security situation is being improved in the entire country to hold elections.

“Three hundred and seventy one thousand army soldiers will be deployed at the countrywide polling stations. The army is also performing its duty at the printing press [for ballots].”

Maj Gen Ghafoor, however, made it clear that the army’s role in providing security for elections did not mean that it would also take direct responsibility for the well being of politicians.

“The army is not taking direct duty for the security of any politician,” he said. “The security of political candidates is the responsibility of the government of Pakistan and the ECP. We are supporting the election commission for security during polling.

“Unfortunately, until the police’s facilities improve, we will also have to do police responsibility.”

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