PTI MNA defends PM use of helicopter

PTI MNA Ali Muhammad Khan has defended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s use of helicopter for traveling from Prime Minister House to his Bani Gala residence in Islamabad.

The use of helicopter by the prime minister to travel from his office to Bani Gala and vice versa was first brought into light by senior journalist Saleem Safi in his weekly column for Daily Jang.

The column triggered a heated debate on social media about Prime Minister Khan’s claims of taking austerity measures and living a simple life.

Many questioned the contradictions in Premier Khan’s words and deeds while others started hurling abuse at the columnist.

Saleem Safi, however, maintained he stood by every word of his column.

The PTI MNA took to Twitter on Sunday to confirm and justify the use of chopper, saying it was cheaper to travel by air.

The use of helicopter is safe and doesn’t cause the traffic blockage on the roads.


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