Nawaz Sharif brought to court from Adiala Jail

He was brought from the Adiala Jail for the hearing of the two remaining corruption references against him and his family – Al-Azizia and Flagship Investment case.

Accountability court II magistrate Arshad Malik will resume the hearing. Sharif’s lawyer will continue his cross-questioning of the prosecution’s star witness and Panama Papers JIT’s head, Wajid Zia.

On Monday, judge Malik asked during the hearing that how many letters the Qatari prince had written. “We have only heard of these letters, did anything actually happen?” he asked. The JIT members did not go to the Qatari prince nor did he come to them, observed the magistrate.

When there has been no progress, then the entire matter can be summed up in a single sentence, he said. Just write that the Qatari prince came to Pakistan but the JIT did not go to him and that is why the letters could not be verified.


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