PML-N, PTI workers move police ‘Torture, threats’

Individuals point out in the applications involved PTI candidates Samsam Ali Bukhari, Mahr Javed Iqbal and 10 others as well as PML-N candidate Chaudhry Javed Allauddin, Usman Ghani, Zahoor Ahmed Shaheen and others.

PTI contender for NA-141, Samsam Bukhari, at a press conference on Thursday night at the farmhouse of another party candidate Chaudhry Muhammad Abdullah Tahir claimed that on Thursday afternoon PML-N workers Shaheen, Ghani along with others overpowered PTI workers Hafiz Jabbar, Muhammad Saeed, Aamir Mumtaz and Irfan Bhatti in village 4G-D and forced them to leave the area.

On rejection, Bukhari claimed, the PML-N workers tied hands of the PTI men and definitely captive them in an outdoor toilet. When fans in the rural community found out about the incident, a large number of them collected at the spot, while, the party leader added, he also rushed there.


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