Today 2nd solar eclipse of the year

The second solar eclipse of the year is set to occur in several countries of the world including Pakistan on Friday.

Astronomers said that the eclipse will begin at 1:48pm. The total solar eclipse will occur at 3:01pm and will end at 4:13pm, private news channel reported. The eclipse will be clearly visible in several countries of the world including Pakistan, Canada, United States, India, Bangladesh and Europe. Experts have prohibited directly viewing the eclipse without safety measures. .


The first solar eclipse happened in the beginning of the year on Janury 31. Solar eclipses occur when the Moon moves between the Earth and the Sun, blocking light from the Sun

avoid eye damage, experts said everyone should wear special solar glasses or use darkened welder s glass when looking at the Sun. The light from the Sun can burn the retina, leading to permanent or long-term damage and blind spots in one s centre of vision. Another option, to avoid looking skyward, is to make a pinhole in a sheet of paper or cardboard, and project the Sun s image onto another piece of paper.

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