WorldCup of Surprises will end in Shock as Croatia will defeat the favorites in Moscow Fifa WCup 2018Final

for many football fans and supporters France will win this WorldCup final 2018 but for me this time Croatia to make history to defeat France in the final at Moscow .good thing about france is they have so many match winning players when their strikers fail to produce goal on set pieces their defenders have given them hope and scored goals Pavard, Varane & Umtiti they all have scored in knock out stage one after one and Ngolo Kante in the midfield man who is everywhere for opponents is the backbone of the team but still i believe Croatia will Shock the world only condition France can Win is they have to stop Luka to win the WorldCup Modric sets the game for Croatia and through Out the worldCup he’s been phenomenal he’s they key to Croatia to win the WorldCup along with him in midfield Rakitic who knows how t control the game he’s been the huge support to modric allowing him to go on attack where he controlls midfield and supports team ,Croatia has nothing to loose they have won it Already for their Nation they are the Heroes so for them it’d be more easier as compare to France final score would be Croatia 1 – 0 France
croatia will be the Winner of Fifa WorldCup Russia 2018 .

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