Youth Parliamentarian Sophia wrote her first book “I WEAR A WIG”

I WEAR A WIG Sophia Abid

Sophia Abid is an internationally published and recognized Pakistani author of the book, I WEAR A WIG. The book was published when she was only eighteen years old. Her dream was to become the youngest international bestselling author.

She was recognized by Google as an author. She is also one of the youngest authors of the world, specifically Pakistan. She takes writing not just as her passion but something she could replace with her breath if needed.

She is a student of Intermediate and she will be pursuing her bachelors in Psychology. She is working on two other books as well.

“The reason for my success today is my teachers and my family who never backed off and always pray for me to excel”

Sophia says

This book is also available on following stores and libraries Amazon, Audible, Barnes and Noble, Walmart e-books, Apple books, Abebooks, Thrift Books, Book Depository, Indigo, Better World Books, Alibris, IndieBound, AuthorHouseUK,  Liberty Books, British Library, St. Pancras (National Library of the United Kingdom) and National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.

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