“We have nothing to do with it”: DG ISPR denies army’s involvement in Bukhari’s abduction

Pakistan’s army on Saturday denied any involvement in the abduction of a writer and rights activist who was kidnapped for several hours this week.

Gul Bukhari, a dual Pakistani-British national, has been a vocal critic of Pakistan’s powerful military and its alleged meddling in politics on social media and in her articles in the run-up to a July 25 general election.

“We have nothing to do with it. I think this incident should be investigated thoroughly,” Major General Asif Ghafoor said.

Ghafoor said he had checked with every intelligence agency working for the army whether Bukhari had been detained by them shortly after the abduction was reported.

Bukhari was on her way to record a television program late on Tuesday in the eastern city of Lahore when her vehicle was intercepted and she was taken away by unidentified men, her husband and media colleagues said.


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