Women can exist it’s not about continued existence of the rightest, says Janhvi Kapoor

 Sridevi’s daughter said, “Over the sequence of this past month, I’ve been asked about rivalry a lot. I find it odd because Ishaan (her Dhadak co-star) hasn’t been asked about it. And I think that’s as I’m a girl.”

She feels it’s usually women who are quizzed about fellow female actors and that needs to end.

“It’s sad that sometimes we make it about how only one of the girls can be successful — we are very talented of being happy for each other. I think it’s not a nice thing to put on the young girls in our society. I don’t think it’s survival of the fittest kind of situation. Separate is natural and it should be encouraged among young girls…”

The 21-year-old is “really excited to see so many new faces, so much new talent.”

“I’we had the pleasure to know Sara.


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